Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Rest Assured. Your data is safe with us.

We recognize how critical security and data privacy are to your business. With Answers, your data is yours only and will never be shared with any third party. Trusted by thousands of companies, Answers is already powering many of the world’s largest apps.

Privacy Policy Agnostic

We have taken extreme care to ensure that your end-users' privacy is deeply respected. We restrict the information we collect to guarantee that no user data can mistakenly be transmitted.

We collect:

· The app's bundle identifier and full version number.

· The device's operating system name and version number.

· User sessions’ start and stop events.

· Answers uses a variety of identifiers to provide our services including the Android ID, and the Android Advertising ID, as well as the iOS identifierForAdvertising (IDFA) if your app links against AdSupport.framework.

· Activity tracking for Android apps.

To get Answers, just download Fabric and install the Answers Kit.

*To help you address your app stability, Answers is integrated with Crashlytics, the most powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting solution. For more information on Crashlytics’ data collection and privacy policy, read here.

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No Analysis Required

Don’t waste your time diving through data trying to find and analyze trends. Answers will tell you what’s important.

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Enterprise-class Service

Answers was designed from the ground up for enterprise-class apps that care about scale, security and data integrity.

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