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Finally, mobile app analytics you don’t need to analyze.

To get Answers, just download Fabric and install the Answers Kit.

Instant Visibility

Active Users Graph

You need instant visibility to keep a constant pulse on your user’s behavior.
Your time is precious -- we surface answers for you.

829 4.7%
9.1k 3.3%
106k 2.5%
98.1% 1.1%
2:32min 1.4%
We Service Answers For You

See an overview of your app’s critical performance metrics. The combination of these detailed growth and engagement indicators gives you a snapshot of your app’s health with the ability to drill down into granular data to learn more.

Understand Who is Using Your App

When it comes to understanding who is using your app, it has historically been difficult to have any insight into how your app is being used or who is using it.

Your Audience

41 % MALE

Top Interests

62 % ▲ 3.6%

Comedy (Movies and television)

38 % ▼ 1.1%


Your Audience vs. Typical Users

Business and news ▲10.2%

Movie news and general ▼0.7%

Politics and current ▲2.3%

Music ▼1.0%

Places where your app is popular

12 % Massachusetts▼ 15.6%

8 % Michigan▼ 11.3%

With Audience Insights, you’ll be able to quickly gather in-depth data on who is using your app and what makes your user base different. Being able to market or tailor product experiences towards different users is the key to building the best app possible and growing your user base.

Powered by Twitter We leverage Twitter's robust data set to tell you the key demographics and interests of your user base.

Privacy Protective The Audience Insights information displayed in Answers is based on sampled, aggregated data to protect the privacy of users.

Understand the Events that Truly Matter

Many mobile analytics tools today leave you on your own to figure out what specific events or actions you should be tracking for your app. On top of that, they still treat all of your app events the same regardless of their type, which means you have to sift through all those events to understand what all that data means.

9.2k 2.8k 4.1k 2.5k 3.6k 2.5k 389 192

With Answers, we've indentified a set of core events and actions that we believe a majority of developers want to track:


  • Purchase
  • Add to Cart
  • Start Checkout


  • Content View
  • Search
  • Share
  • Rated Content


  • Sign Up
  • Log in
  • Invite


  • Level start
  • Level end

These events are all built-in to your dashboard with specialized reporting, so you can start tracking events important to you right away and understand exactly how users are behaving within your app -- all in real time.

Track any event you want Every app is unique. In addition to these common events, you can easily track events tailored to your use case. You’ll have the full reign to customize them to what's important to you.

Attributes recommended

We’ll proactively suggest values that may be important to you. We also accept both numeric and string attributes and will automatically tailor our reporting based on your choice.

Start tracking in seconds Forget endless pages of docs. Enable tracking of any event with just a few lines code. Your dashboard will show you how.

Understand key business drivers Answers was designed from the ground up for enterprise-class apps that care about scale, security and data integrity.

No Analysis Required

Less is definitely more.

Don’t waste your time diving through data trying to find and analyze trends -- we’ll do the work for you. We’ll intelligently group, compare and aggregate your data, so you can understand your app’s growth, engagement and retention.

iOS and Android Answers It’s important to understand your user’s environment as they engage with your app. We break down daily active users by device and operating system.
Daily Active Users Top Builds Daily New Users Sessions per Active User
Monthly Active Users Sessions Time in App per User Retention
Daily Active Users by OS Active Users Right Now Median Session Length
Daily Users for Top Builds Percent Crash-free Users DAU/MAU ratio

Integrated with Crashlytics

Crash Free Users Graph
Crash Free Users Graph Crash Free Users Graph
Crash Free Users Graph
Improve your app experience by understanding stability through crash-free users and crash-free sessions. View your top issues at a glance to know what needs your immediate attention.

Integrated with the same SDK you use for crash reporting, you can now jump straight to specific builds in your issues dashboard and instantly address your app stability.

Want to track and compare your builds? We’ll do the intelligent aggregation for you. Easily compare adoption, median session length and crash-free users across builds -- so you can see how your app is performing as new releases are deployed.



Don’t Worry

We’ll Tell You What’s Important.

Don't Worry - We’ll Tell You What’s Important.
Don't Worry - We’ll Tell You What’s Important.Don't Worry - We’ll Tell You What’s Important.

We analyze and learn your app´s behavior over time to get you the answers you need. We constantly observe trends and account for cyclicality in user behavior, and we’ll alert you only when the pattern is truly abnormal.

Stability Alert.

No need to keep revisiting your dashboard. We’ll send you a daily summary of your app’s performance - complete with top-level metrics and our intelligent analyses - right to your inbox. If the stability of your apps change, we’ll alert you in real-time!

Unlock Growth With Twitter

Running marketing campaigns to grow and monetize your apps can be difficult, especially when it's expensive to measure installs. Answers and Twitter have integrated to help make this incredibly simple with no cost.

Unlock Growth With Twitter.

Within seconds, you'll gain total visibility into the installs driven by your paid and organic campaigns on Twitter - completely free, with no additional code.

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To get Answers, just download Fabric and install the Answers Kit.

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Answers was designed from the ground up for enterprise-class apps that care about scale, security and data integrity.

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